Volunteering at Metro Comic Con


Gotham City, Star City, Argo City… every town needs its heroes and Metro City is no different. We are looking for volunteers to join the CITY SQUAD, a hand-picked selection of fun and friendly individuals who will assist in helping Metro Comic Con run smoothly.

The lifeblood of Metro City, the City Squad is made up of dedicated volunteers with a true love of pop-culture, helping to keep the event moving, guiding attendees around the show floor, managing the celebrity guest areas, including the photo and autograph areas and the stages, and more.

City Squad members will be assigned shifts around Metro Comic Con; however when you are on break from your shift you are free to enjoy the convention like a regular attendee.

Joining the City Squad means becoming a welcome part of the Metro Comic Con team, and is a great way to enjoy the fun of Metro City while receiving some other incredible benefits. So if you want to help build the newest and most exciting pop-culture expo in Australia, here’s where you sign on!


The Metro Comic Con City Squad has several different areas of responsibility. City Squad members will usually be assigned to one such area, but exceptions may occur.

Being a City Squad member means helping set up and break down various parts of the event before and after the show and assisting in the running of your area/s during the event days. Some areas may have equipment which requires training before use or handling, which you will be given if required.

Besides specific requirements for your area/s two things are required for all City Squad members.

The first is the ability to provide accurate information (which you will be given) to attendees, or to refer them to someone who can answer their questions if you don’t know the answer; the second is to help ensure everyone at Metro City follows the Metro Comic Con Code of Conduct.


We are looking for friendly and enthusiastic people to volunteer in the following zones at Metro Comic Con.

Below you will find the area plus the basic tasks involved.

  • Moving attendees in and out between panels
  • Assisting attendees with accessibility requirements
  • Running microphones
  • Screening inappropriate questions
  • Managing queues for the photo booths
  • Assisting attendees with photo printing
  • Running errands for guests
  • Managing queues for the autograph area
  • Running errands for guests
  • Managing queues for the cosplay area
  • Assisting cosplay photographers
  • Assisting cosplay guests
  • Managing queues for the comics area
  • Assisting comics guests
  • Managing queues for the tokens booth
  • Assisting token booth staff
  • Managing entry queues and attendee exit
  • Assisting attendees with wristbanding
  • Checking wristbands
  • Managing ticket and information booth queues
  • Assisting ticket and information booth staff
  • Assisting office staff
  • Acting as a runner


Desirable attributes for City Squad members include:

  • Politeness
  • Customer service focus
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to retain information
  • Ability to work unsupervised
  • Team-based and individual problem solving
  • An energetic and positive attitude
  • Dealing well with pressure
  • Professionalism with attendees, exhibitors and guests

If you have any special skills, such as AV or other tech experience, stage management experience, a forklift license, or anything else, we want to hear about it!



You can fill in the Online Form here: Apply to become a METRO CITY SQUAD Volunteer.

If you have a question we haven’t answered here, on the FAQs or in the application form, please feel free to email us at info@metrocomiccon.com.au. Be sure to place Volunteer Question in your subject line.

See you soon at Metro City!