Well, of course there are more guests to come!! Surely you didn’t think we were finished yet?

In the meantime, if you have an idea for a future event or guest suggestion, please head to our Contact Form and email us with all your great recommendations. If it is at all possible, we’d love to help bring your ideas to life!

Watch this space and all of our socials for when we announce our next guest… You don’t want to miss out!


Watch this space


This information is correct at the time of publication.

Please check the website and program for each guest/s final timetable, including time and location of appearances at Metro Comic Con.

Guest/s are confirmed, health, travel restrictions and other commitments pending. Further information will be provided via social media should any of these factors prohibit or otherwise impact the guest’s attendance.

Panel rooms may be subject to both venue capacity and safety requirements and may reach maximum capacity. Some panels will require patrons to queue for entry prior to the panel commencing. Please follow the directions of the staff.

An additional service charge may apply to tickets, photograph and autograph tokens purchased online or at the event.