A celebration of creativity, imagination, and the power of fandom.

The Metro City COSPLAY CIRCUIT is a space that brings together cosplay enthusiasts of all ages, to showcase their creativity, craftsmanship, and passion for their favourite characters from comics, movies, anime, and other popular media.

Regardless of whether you are entering one of our cosplay competitions, or just showing off your favourite costume, it is important that you familiarise yourself with our Cosplay Guidelines and Weapons Policy HERE, as this will explain to you what is considered acceptable at our event.

Please read all policies and guidelines thoroughly, as ignorance of the rules & regulations does not warrant exemption from them.

If you require clarification for anything you can contact us at info@metrocomiccon.com.au.


Located near the Metro Photo Precinct, the Cosplay Circuit is the meeting hub for Cosplayers over the weekend.

You will find our special Guest Cosplayers signing at tables and ready to have a chat; an awesome photo wall with photographers ready to capture your best pose; The Cospital – with volunteers ready to assist should you need repairs; the sign up table where you can register for the Metro Cosplay Competition; and the Transformation station available for you to use should you wish or need to get in and out of costume quickly.


– Saturday 13th July – Sign up at Cosplay Circuit

Cosplay is a huge part of the Comic Con culture and we want you to be a part of it! The parade is open for all ages, levels and abilities, from beginners all the way through to experts. It is a fun low stress event that allows cosplayers with no experience to get up in front of an audience and strut their stuff, and of course features a special kids only runway!

In order to participate you will need to have your costume approved, so head on over to Cosplay Circuit on the Saturday morning to sign up. The parade will be held in the afternoon on the 13th July, so keep an eye on the schedule and head over to the MIDTOWN THEATRE to join in the action of the METRO DAY PARADE.

Struggling to think of costume ideas? Why not draw inspiration from books and comics, anime and manga, film and television or video game characters?


– Sunday 14th July – Sign up at Cosplay Circuit

For those who are serious about their art, on Sunday 14th July we will be introducing the first ever Metro Comic Con Cosplay Competition! In addition to a great prize, our Grand Winner will not only become the reigning champion, but also the Metro City Cosplay Ambassador for 2024-2025.

Here are the judging categories :

  • Best prop
  • Best fabrication
  • Best armour
  • Best group
  • Best makeup
  • Best original design
  • Best under 15
  • Best in show

To register for the Cosplay Competition – head to the registration desk at Cosplay Circuit on Sunday morning, and fill out a form to enter.

You will be required at marshalling prior to the event. See the Cosplay Circuit Team and weekend timetable for more info.

Please read through both of the following before entering the competition:


The following regulations and rules are for the Metro Comic Con Cosplay Parade and Cosplay Competition.

Breaching any of the below rules at any stage of the cosplay events will result in disqualification immediately. Serious breaches of the rules could result in entrants being escorted from the convention and face a ban from future Cosplay competitions and Metro Comic Con.

Please read through these rules thoroughly.


  1. Metro Comic Con event covers a variety of fandoms , therefore costumes including, but not limited to costumes to Western Animation , Asian cartoons or anime, television and film properties, graphic novels, comics and public figures.
  2. Original Characters, Lolita, national dress, unassociated period clothing and other fashion are not valid for competition entry.
  3. There are two separate events: the Cosplay Parade on Saturday and the Cosplay Competition on Sunday.
  4. To enter the Cosplay Parade and Cosplay Competition you must register at Cosplay Central in your costume to ensure that it is acceptable under Metro Comic Con Cosplay rules. If you are registering in a group- all members must be present and in costume. No late check-ins will be accepted. Registration will close 1 hour. before the parade or competition commences, to ensure your place you must check in as soon as you arrive at the convention.
  5. Group entries are allowed. Groups range from of two (2) to a maximum of eight (8) people. All registered group members must be present on stage during the parade or competition, including your introduction and your interview on-stage.
  6. No flammable or incendiary devices and metal props are allowed. This includes and is not limited to: replica guns, blades, fireworks, or flammable liquids. Check in with Cosplay Weapons Check by the Information and Ticket booth on entering the show to confirm you are able to use your props or if you need to check your prop. Metro Comic Con has a very strict weapons policy that will be enforced for the safety of all attendees. Should refuse to surrender a prop when asked, you will be asked to leave the premises and secure your prop off the event floor.
  7. Large props such as weapons can not be carried through the venue. These will be checked in to the Cosplay Weapons Check, where they can be checked out for the competition and any photograph sessions with one of our Cosplay Photographers. At any other times during the event day Metro Comic Con will be required to be checked in to the Cosplay Weapons Check booth. If you need clarification, please email the Metro Comic Con at least 2 days before the event.
  8. Ignorance of the Metro Comic Con Cosplay rules and guidelines is not a basis for exemption. You must read through the rules thoroughly and if you are unsure of any of the rules with regards eligibility to enter the Cosplay Parade and or Cosplay Competition or concerned that your costume and or props may be deemed inappropriate, please contact Metro Comic Con with the specifics, and they will be able to advise you.

Judging and Awards

The judging panel will determine Metro Comic Con Cosplay Competition winners based on the following categories:

Best prop

Best fabrication

Best armour

Best group

Best makeup

Best under 15

Best in show

Entrants will be judged primarily on the four below factors:

  1. Quality of the costume with regards craftsmanship, and overall appearance.
  2. Accuracy of costume
  3. Performance of character (not a skit, but your acting as the character).
  4. Skill of makeup application (where applicable) and quality of any props created to support the costume.

Judgements by the Metro Comic Con Judging Panel are final and are up to their discretion based upon the above criteria. Their decisions are to be respected and accepted. Please ensure that you treat the competition in the way it is intended, including being a good competitor towards other entrants regardless of where you finished in the competition .

On the Event Day:

  1. When you have been approved for entry and checked in you will be given a time and location to meet for marshalling. Every participant will be given a group number. This group number reduces the marshalling time for the entrants, so ensure you do not lose your group number. If you are late for marshalling, you will not be able to compete.
  2. There is not to be any adult content as a part of your stage presence. This includes; kissing, sexual content (implied or otherwise), obscene gestures, swearing or anything else that is deemed inappropriate by the Cosplay Circuit Squad. Committing any of the above acts will result in immediate disqualification, you will be removed from the stage and walked from the event and may result in a ban for all further Metro Comic Con events.. Please remember that Metro Comic Con is an all-ages event, and all acts and costumes must adhere to this. If you are in any way unsure about your entry, please contact the Cosplay Co-ordinator for advice.
  3. Participants are not to physically interact with the stage staff, judges or the event MC. If you are given the all clear by a team member to physically engage with you, then it is permitted as long as it is mutually agreed. Do not swear, threaten or behave aggressively to any of the Cosplay Circuit Team, fellow competitors or audience members. Failure to comply will have you removed from the competition and the Metro Comic Con event and may result in a permanent ban and should the issues be deemed serious enough, Victoria Police will be called upon to deal with the situation.
  4. With regards verbiage, never insult, heckle or abuse any of the Cosplay Circuit Team, fellow competitors or audience members Please do not interfere with other competitors in any way. Once you have been judged, you must not re-enter the stage. Failure to comply will have you removed from the competition and the Metro Comic Con event and may result in a permanent ban.
  5. If the costume you are entering in has been entered in any Cosplay competition at any other convention and has won an award in any category, it will not be eligible for entry in this competition. Should you misrepresent your information during registration and procced to enter the Cosplay Competition flaunting this rule and you are discovered, you will be immediately expelled from the competition and possibly the event. If it is discovered after the fact that this rule has been broken, Metro Comic Con reserves the right to refuse you entry to all future competitions and/or Metro Comic Con events.
  6. Be mindful of your surroundings especially when discarding items. Should you bring objects with your costume, please pick them up when you leave. No liquids, sticky substances, laser pointers, glitter, or anything that could cause damage to the stage, or pose a hazard to other entrants. The Metro Comic Con Cosplay team are here to assistant you but not to serve as janitors!
  7. By attending Metro Comic Con, completing a photo session with one of the Cosplay photographers and/or being an entrant into the Cosplay Parade or the Cosplay competition, you understand and accept that you will be photographed and may be filmed. These images and footage may be used by Metro Comic Con at their discretion.